Let us help you on your ‘path to paperless’

Working for a state body or LGA, you’re all too familiar with the inefficiencies that result from manual paperwork and data entry. So why not let us help you transition more of your day-to-day communications into digital formats? As an Approved Public Records Office Storage Supplier (APROSS), we have the credentials you need – and a calibre of service you can rely on.

Local and state government files we store, retrieve and digitise


Building permits

Application forms

Personnel files

Services to make life easier for you and your staff

Store securely on our site

We can store your important files on our premises – ensuring their utmost security, privacy and safety

Access the files you need

The moment you need a file or box, we can retrieve it for you. We then send it to you without delay, either physically or digitally.

Say goodbye to physical mail

Expedite your transition to a paperless office by letting us receive, digitise and sort your physical mail for you.

Digitise legacy files – or scan-on-demand

Let us digitise your backlog of old files – or digitise application forms and other common documents for you, ongoing.

Say goodbye to physical mail

We can convert your legacy microfilm into a usable format for easy, long-term access.

What you can expect from our small, agile team

Ease and

Your staff will be able to request files online at any time – thanks to our intuitive and hassle-free electronic job-ticketing system.

Speed and

Need a file urgently? We can fulfil ‘scan-on-demand’ retrievals in under an hour – and hard copy in under two hours (conditions apply).

Peace of

We track your physical files at every single touchpoint – from pick-up to arrival at our premises (and everywhere in between). And that means no lost or misplaced files with us. Ever.