Micrographic solutions

High-quality conversions – with utmost accountability

Years ago, storing high-volume data on microfilm was a common form of archiving. But not in today’s modern world. So why not let our team convert it all into a usable format for you? You’ll be able to access the information you need – which will be available in the highest quality reproduction possible.

How we convert your microfilm and aperture cards into a usable format

If you regularly need to access files on your microfilms, there’s a much more efficient way to do it: convert it to a more usable format.

Our micrographic conversion process is easy, fast – and flexible. Here’s how it works:

We collect your microfilms from your workplace.
We convert all the data from your microfilm into a more modern, accessible format (PDF).
We send the new files back to you – or transfer them onto our web management portal for you to access on an as-needs basis (the choice is yours).

We have the modern equipment you need

What’s the point in converting your microfilms if you can’t read the new files clearly and accurately when you need to?

At Advance Records, we continually invest in the latest equipment and technology to ensure you receive the best reproductions possible.

So, while others may simply have the right equipment to do the job, we have the latest – and the best.

What you can expect from our small, agile team

and accuracy

We have rigorous project management, error checking and auditing protocols in place to ensure your microfilms are converted with utmost precision and accountability.

Protocol followed
to a tee

As a small team, we’re able to ensure all staff undertake stringent training and follow protocol exactly as they should.

Ease and

If you choose to store your new PDF files on our web management system, searching and retrieving those files will be a breeze. And the original microfilms? We can store them, return them to you – or destroy with your express permission.

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