Safe & timely document solutions for legal firms

As a legal firm, you need systems and processes you can rely on when it comes to client filing. How do you achieve this? With the help of Advance Records. By storing your physical documents on our site – and/or converting them into a digital format – you get the assurance of safety, privacy and round-the-clock access. And that means true peace of mind.

Legal documents we securely store, retrieve and digitise

Trust documents

Business registers


Power of attorneys

Significant agreements

Company deeds

Services to make life easier for you and your staff

Store securely on our site

We can store your important files on our premises – ensuring you always have a secure, private and safe back up.

Retrieve important documents

The moment you need a file or box, we can retrieve it for you.
We then send it to you either physically or digitally.

Digitise your legacy files

Convert legacy files into the more efficient and reliable digital format with our leading-edge scanning and capturing service.

Scan on Demand

Need a file urgently? We can fulfil ‘scan-on-demand’ retrievals in under an hour (conditions apply).

Say goodbye to physical mail

Transition to a paperless office by letting us receive, digitise and sort your physical mail for you.

What you can expect from our small, agile team

Speed and

Thanks to our speedy service and SLAs, you’ll never be left wondering or waiting for a file. And if you need it urgently, we can fulfil ‘scan-on-demand’ requests in under an hour.

Ease and

Our easily searchable database makes it quick for your staff to retrieve the digital files they need. It also means you can search for and retrieve any file at the click of a button.


Our staff undertake stringent training and follow protocol to a tee. So the privacy and security of your clients’ files will never be at risk – whether you ask us to store, digitise or destroy them.