Data storage

Reliable offsite storage – from a truly responsive team

Efficient, safe and secure data storage is key to business continuity in the event of an emergency. And that means you need two things: the right team and the right storage facility. With Advance Records, you will feel secure in the knowledge that your business can recover any lost data – with speed and certainty.

If you’ve got data worth protecting, we have the backup solution

We can store any of the following to ensure they’re ready for you, if and when you need them:

With us, you can rest assured knowing:

Linear Tape-Open (LTO)

External drives

All other media you may have

All the essentials you should expect (and more)

Our high-tech warehouse has all the features and measures in place you would – and should – expect for your precious back-up data. When you store your media with us, you get:

Security, safety and data privacy – guaranteed

Our facility has a fully maintained fire protection system, concrete fire-isolated compartments, 24-hour camera surveillance and advanced biometric security.

A climate-controlled environment

We store your media in a climate-controlled vault, with optimal temperature and humidity levels to ensure its long-term preservation.

Extreme care and delicacy

We handle your tapes, drives and discs with meticulous care to ensure they’re kept in excellent condition. We even use G-force meters to detect possible damage.

What you can expect from our small, agile team

Ease and

Your team will be able to request back-up data online at any time – thanks to our intuitive and hassle-free electronic job- ticketing system.

Speed and

Need your back-up data urgently? We can retrieve and deliver any media you need – quickly and easily.

You can also send us new media as frequently as you need to, so that your back-up system is continually kept up to date.

Protocol followed
to a tee

As a small team, we’re able to ensure all staff undertake stringent training and follow protocol exactly as they should.

This way, you can be assured your media will be handled with the best possible care.

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