Our story

A small, independent team – with big capabilities

As our name suggests, our records management solutions are advanced. But what does this really mean? A speedy and reliable service? Yes. High-tech facilities, equipment and systems? Absolutely. Quality control, extensive training and protocols that are followed to a tee? You bet.

Advance Records was acquired by Peter Newland in 1994. At this time, the business was a small suburban one-man operation that provided simple box and paper storage solutions.

Over the years, as we began servicing more and more clients – gaining trust and an enviable reputation along the way – our premises and team expanded. And our offerings grew more and more sophisticated.

Still with Peter at our helm today, Advance Records now offers a full suite of cutting-edge records management solutions, supported by industry-leading equipment and technologies.

Our premises now spans 12,000m2 – and securely stores over 1 million boxes. And we’re the partner of choice for many big names in the Australian health, legal and government sectors.

Despite our growth over the years, we’re still proudly independent. And we believe this independence has been key to our success. It’s how we’ve maintained our impeccable reputation as a responsive, agile team that our clients can rely on, time and again.