Records management

It starts with storage – and ends with satisfaction

If you want the certainty of having the exact file you want – when you want it – Advance Records is the partner you need. Trusted by organisations of every size and across all industries, our approach to records management is not just meticulous. It’s militant.

Your complete records management solution

We offer an end-to-end records management solution that’s asrobust as they come. This includes:

Document scanning, imaging and digitisation

We can transform your records into an electronic format so that you can access them at the click of a button if you need to.

Auditing and

We can audit your boxes and files and catalogue them as soon as they arrive at our facility. We can perform this as a one-off service, or work with you to audit on a regular basis – ensuring every record is in the precise location it should be.

File or box retrieval
and delivery

We retrieve and deliver requested files and boxes with speed, accuracy – and true accountability.

File tracking

We have never lost or misplaced a file – ever. It’s because we track the movement of every record with utmost diligence.

Tape back-up storage

We can store back-up tapes of your data – and send them your way with urgency in the case of an IT failure.

Destruction services

We can destroy and dispose of any files you choose, at any time.

The pillars of our superior records management service

Web management system

You will be able to search and access digitised records on- demand via our leading-edge online portal.


Because we leave nothing to chance, each and every one of your records will be inventoried electronically.

Real-time tracking

Your files will be tracked at every touchpoint – so we always know exactly where they are with 100% confidence.

RFID tagging

Available on special request, RFID tagging is a highly sophisticated file tracking system that few other providers can offer.

We’ve never lost or misplaced a file

Having protocol is a good start. But what use is protocol if it’s not stringently upheld by everyone, every day?

At Advance Records, our file handling processes are followed to a tee. No excuses. No exceptions. It’s for this reason that we can proudly state we’ve never lost or misplaced a record, file or box.

With us, you can rest assured knowing:

We maintain chain of custody

You’ll have the convenience of being able to access files on-demand

We always know the exact location of your records

What you can expect from our small, agile team

of mind

We scan your file at every single touchpoint – from pick-up to arrival at our premises and anything in-between. This means we always know its whereabouts (as will you)!

Speed and

We can fulfil ‘scan-on-demand’ retrievals in under an hour – and hard copy in under two hours (conditions apply).

Protocol followed
to a tee

As a small team, we’re able to ensure all staff undertake stringent training and follow protocol exactly as they should.

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