Archive storage solutions

Secure, safe and speedy archive solutions

Whether it’s storing your important documents or media, transforming physical records into a digital format or retrieving your files as needed, we have the solutions you require to make your business processes considerably more efficient.

How we can transform your business

If you’re looking for a reliable team to take care of your most important files, we’re the partner you need.

We’ve been storing our clients’ documents in our hi-tech, safe and secure facility since 1994 – and fulfilling their retrieval requests at lightning speed.

Need the certainty of having the exact file you want – when you want it?

We can scan, digitise, audit and catalogue, retrieve, deliver and track your documents.

And thanks to our stringent training and protocols, we can proudly state we’ve never lost a file.

Efficient, safe and secure data storage is key to business continuity in the event of an IT emergency.

With Advance Records, you will feel at ease knowing that your business can recover any lost data from LTO, external drives or other media – with speed and certainty.

What you can expect from our small, agile team

Ease and

Your staff will be able to request files online at any time – thanks to our intuitive and hassle-free electronic job-ticketing system.

Speed and

Need a file urgently? We can fulfil ‘scan-on-demand’ retrievals in under an hour – and hard copy in under two hours (conditions apply).

Care and

As a small, tight-knit team, we take the time to build relationships with your staff. You’ll never feel like a number with us.