Retention and Destruction

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Retention & Destruction Management

Organisations accumulate increasing quantities of paper and electronic records – and incur even higher storage and management costs along the way. Yet it’s often unclear which records should be kept, for how long, and which can be safely and legally destroyed. Retention & Destruction Management helps you lower your information storage and handling costs by up to 50%, by eliminating unnecessary document storage and transferring inactive records to less-costly storage. Furthermore, an effective retention management program helps you streamline access to your remaining records because there are fewer to manage and search.
Advance Record Management offers a variety of flexible document destruction and shredding programs customised to your organisation’s needs. We provide businesses of all sizes with a reliable and secure method to ensure the proper, legal and compliant destruction of their confidential business information.

With privacy concerns being at an all-time high, Advance Record Management can assist you to ensure that both archived and stored documents, as well as day to day paperwork, are securely destroyed, providing peace of mind for your business.

End of Lifecycle Destruction of Records

With effective retention schedules, documents and files stored within the record centre can be scheduled for destruction at the end of their required life. This can be done as a one-time purge or as an ongoing service based on pre-determined retention periods managed by the record centre.

Regularly Scheduled Destruction Services

Advance Record Management will provide scheduled pick-up and destruction services for daily paperwork produced by client companies. Secure collection devices are placed in client offices. Contents are collected and destroyed based on pre-determined schedules.

Some of our other services

Retention and Destruction

We offer a variety of flexible document destruction and shredding programs customised to your organisation’s needs.

Mail Room Services

Let us digitise your hard-copy mail and deliver digital documents to you daily.

Data Media Vault

We provide the data record management and storage solutions, including strict maintenance of temperature, relative humidity, fire.

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