Document Scanning

In-house document scanning.

Electronic Imaging and Scanning of Documents

Advance Record Management understands the challenges businesses face today managing vital physical records. Physical documents are bulky, difficult to search and subject to environmental issues such as temperature and humidity. Businesses such as health, legal, financial, insurance services, or those in other industries where confidentiality is critical, face major costs maintaining such information securely. Worst of all, a disaster such as burglary, weather incident or fire can quickly destroy an organisation’s entire records. We can help you save time, space and money by converting your paper records to electronic images.

Advance Record Management offers the most secure, cost-effective and efficient solutions to help you manage your documents. Through electronic imaging and scanning, your organisation can massively reduce the storage requirement for documents while creating a rapidly accessible and searchable storage system. Best of all, it is a relatively simple matter to make multiple digital copies of those records.

Digital Archiving of Business Records

We will help you develop a permanent solution to manage your records securely and efficiently. Advance Record Management’s electronic imaging and scanning service takes your existing documents, transfers them to the secure scanning facility, then images all your documents to DVD or our secure searchable online repository ready to deliver knowledge and information at the touch of a key.  The scanned and catalogued information is then forwarded to your offices for reference. Originals can also be returned or destroyed and recycled. A duplicate can be stored in our secure electronic media vault if required. This gives you peace of mind with a second copy off-site.

Cost efficiency

Converting your records into electronic documents has many valuable benefits; however, developing an imaging solution can be difficult: scanning every one of your documents is time-consuming and costly. With document imaging services you can put into practice a new digital imaging program or re-design your current program. Significant cost savings may be attained by storing your hard documents with us and limiting scanning to only the documents you need by using our Scan-on-Demand service. You can be confident that Advance Record Management will help your business accomplish its goals for better access, security and compliance at the lowest cost possible.


The productivity gains in having a catalogued, electronically accessible archive and the storage space saved makes electronic imaging and scanning a cost-effective solution for any organisation trying to deal with large volumes of paper-based documents.

With Advance Record Management, you benefit from:

  • digital archiving of business records
  • all material saved to CD, DVD and/or delivered electronically
  • easy, fast and convenient office-based access to archival material
  • savings in office space and storage requirements.

Choose the Right Document Scanning Solution for Your Business.

Digital imaging conversion can be a more economical alternative to hard copy storage when documents are retained for more than 7 years. Advance Record Management will help you decide where digital conversion may be the best practice and more cost-efficient for your business.

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