COVID-19 Update #1

19 March 2020


While Advance Record Management remains committed to providing our clients with fast, efficient and dependable document management services, these trying times require us to balance this imperative with the safety of our staff, as well as the broader community within which we operate.

We have responded swiftly to this developing situation, and have implemented procedures which will allow the business to remain operational while simultaneously limiting face to face contact so far as is possible.

This includes the implementation of a ‘scan on demand’ service, in which stored documents can be rapidly accessed, scanned, and sent to customers online upon request.


We have also directed our staff who develop any symptoms of illness to remain at home as a safety precaution and all employees returning from international travel will self-quarantine at home for 14 days.

Important hygiene standards have also been implemented for our staff to minimise the risks within our offices.  To further minimise risks, we will no longer require a customer signature upon delivery or collection. However, our staff will continue to record the recipients details.

Further, to ensure that hard-copy document delivery can be achieved while keeping social contact to a minimum, we request that clients allow deliveries to be made to a ‘single point.’

We will keep all customers informed and updated to the extent that the safety measures we have implemented (or a reduction in available staff) will cause a delay in the provision of our services.

On behalf of everyone here at Advance Record Management, I want to assure you that despite this crisis, we remain committed to providing the service you and your business have come to expect and depend upon.

For further details, please call 03 5274 2000 or email

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